About us

Why have we started Kohomai

About us

Why have we started Kohomai

Traditionally, the onboarding of new hires was overlooked and if conducted at all, was delivered very inconsistently. Companies have not realized the time it takes a new hire to become productive, nor have they realized they can do something proactive to reduce that time to productivity. Company systems are getting more complex and new generations have high expectations of receiving training and having an opportunity to become fully engaged. In addition, the majority of companies will continue working in hybrid/remote setups, where is difficult to develop a strong corporate culture or create strong relationships.

Therefore we see structured, personalized and efficient onboarding journeys as a must at modern companies.

Why "Kohomai"?

Kohomai means "Welcome" in Rapa Nui. Rapa Nui is an Eastern Polynesian language. It is spoken on the island of Rapa Nui, known to most of the people as Easter Island.


Aleksa Mitrović

CEO & Co-Founder

François Lecomte

CTO & Co-Founder

Elise Burridge

Founding Software Developer


Geraldine Butler-Wright

Extensive people & culture experience across multiple industries - Fintech, HealthTech, Start-ups, Government and Education

Bill Bliss

Over 25 years of experience developing leaders at all levels. Author of books & articles on onboarding and the time-to-productivity